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Our Pigeons are not bred with Medication,
They fly original and produce super offsprings in the whole world!!

As in every year like 2010/2011/2012 Season Flying Competition was very successful.

In the Most valuable Championship Titles, some Breeders had wanted to resign from breeding forever due to lack of championship bred pigeons,

but when they acquired our Thorough breeds,they went on to compete and even achieved Great results.

We have visited and video recorded confessions of some Breeders where they professed about the great results they achieved from Pigeons they buy from Us.

We have the largest Collections of De Klak in line of Verbart.

3 Verbarty Bought from us from Polish Breeders conquered Poland in Flying Championship.
We have a 40 minutes honest Video recordings of the 3 Verbarty which conquered Poland in the internet .

We have Pigeon Breeds from Vanstree, Louis Janssen,  Karel Meulemans,  Jos van Limpt De Klak.Their Best Ace Breed,We bought direct from Them!

We Believe That Champion x Champion = Champion

Information About Our Method Of Natural Breeding without use of Medications can be obtained in DVD film Which is Only Distributed in GERMANY By

Mr. KULBACKI  :-e.mail: Kulbacki@t-online.de

We don’t Have or Sell Through Intermediaries!!

Pigeons Breeds From The Kulbackis Are Direct from The Kulbackis!!!

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